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February 25, 2008

Baja 3000 Donation Kings/Queens!

Ripping Supporters!!!

We have been stoked by all the kindness you have shown for this project. The rigs are packed to the roofs with clothing, toys, books, bikes and supplies! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope you will stay tuned to the trip progress during March 7-16th. Those who would still like to help out, cash will be the best vehicle to make a difference at this time, please contact Robert before March 7th, 831-206-3080.

[previous] The TGT Team would like to thank the following people who have helped turn this dream into a reality. Your incredible offerings have really blown us away! Our goal as stewards, are to identify the needs, prioritize the needs and use 100% of the proceeds to make a difference. It will be our honor to spread your gifts to the people of Baja whom are less fortunate.

The Duke Kahanamoku Surfer! ($5,000.00 +)
Liz E.

The Platinum Surfer! ($2,500 - $4,999.00)

The Golden Surfer! ($1000 - $2,499.00)

The Silver Surfer! ($100 - $999.00)
A. Lee E.
Emily M.
Ed M.
Stuart & Carol K.
Mike L. & Karen B.
Bernadette B-G.
Dennis & Vicki R.

The Soul Surfer! ($1 - $99)
Mark & Kathy T.
Robert & Pat T.
Zack & Julie T.
Maureen & Louie A.
Colleen & Madison F.
Stella T.
Mike & Joelle T.
Clayton & Paula T.
Helen T.
Stan & Debbie R.
Tamerie G.
Christian N.
Rick S.
Mary A.
Leslie B.
Bob F.
Audrey H-M.
Royce F.
Bernadette B-G.
Jennifer J.
Scott J.
Lena S.
Monica S.
Jim & Joan H.
Steve & Kathy E.
Marcia P.
Pete & Becky V.
Keith S.


SPONSERS (Please give these folks a shout!)
Stokes Signs
Lloyds Tire Service
Scarborough Lumber
Hammond Glass Engraving
Rainbow Fin Company, LLC

The following list are those who have given blood, sweat, tears and costly items to help each team reach their goals!

Team Manresa
Bo Stout and Kennedy Auto - Replacement transmission!
Juan Villaron - Crew Chief & Master Mechanic
Eugene Milburn, Mercury Metals - Metal Supplies
Lou Urbina - Metal Fabricator
Mark Treanor - Shop Use, First Aid Kits

Team El Dorado
AMZ Financial Insurance Services, LLC - New Tires!

Team Westside
Bob Cleaves, CEO of Wilderness Conservancy, supplies!

Team Los Angeles

July 28, 2007

Surfer Girl, Brynn donates

La Selva Beach, CA: Surfer Girl, Brynn, Donates Money Earned From Loosing Front Teeth (to the Baja 3000 team!!!)

September 29, 2007

Help Team TGT Reach Their Goal

At this time, TGT's goal is to gather as many needed supplies as physically possible. We are taking down 5 Suburban type vehicles (With racks on top of most). We are developing a needs page and a priority list of request which will be updated frequently. Other ways to give include assisting in vehicle repair and preparation (Parts & Service), medical supplies (First Aid Kits etc) and cash (this will allow us to purchase goods prior to arrival of each village and to avoid being taxed on physical property when entering Mexico). Please email Bob for more information on how you can help, or you can make a PayPal donation now.

Donation Needs

The following help is needed for the teams of Baja 3000.
Teams are located in - Santa Cruz, CA, Burbank, CA, Bremerton, Oregon, Cary, North Carolina, El Dorado Hills, CA

Vehicle Needs: Service, Tires, Tow Ropes, Road Safety Gear
Financial Needs: Any type of financial assistance would be a HUGE help! (We can be more flexible, purchasing in Mexico for specific needs and avoiding import taxes on physical items)
Children’s Needs: Clothing, Shoes, Books (in Spanish), Sleeping Bags
Adult Needs: Clothing, Shoes, Books (In Spanish), Sleeping Bags, Hand Tools
Medical Needs: First Aid Kits (Small kits for each family), Animal Aid
Sport Needs: Surf Boards, Soccer Balls, Boogie Boards
Tech Needs: GPS, MiniDV Camera's/tapes, Satellite Cell Phones

October 29, 2007

Vehicle Recipients

Bobbie just got some specific word from the folks in Cabo who will be receiving the vehicles when we arrive... Check it out.

Rumor has it that Brozda has found a specific organization in Todos Santos that works with disabled kids. Apparently, he's looking for a rig that is "lift" equipped. Mike is also still looking for a partner as Ian and Neumann are out and on the fence at this point.

Dear Robert Ellenwood,

The leaders of the church are soooo excited about this project. They have in mind who should get the vehicles. Another missionary told us it is easier if the vehicles are transferred directly to the people rather than to the church. They are:

Marta Rocha Carapia - Marta is a single mother with 5 young children who lives in a very poor neighborhood quite far from our church and the center of town. It is a major project to get all her children and her mother on the bus to be able to attend Bible studies and church services. This would also help that family with their grocery shopping.

Filomena Acuenteco Morales - Filomena also lives in the same neighborhood as Marta. She has 3 children and her husband works as a mason and he does not make a lot of money. Sometimes she cleans houses in order to provide a little bit more income for the family. That vehicle would be a tremendous blessing for that family as well.

Rafa Gonzalez - Rafa came from the mainland seeking work and set up a small body shop for cars. He makes very little money at this job. His family (wife and 2 children) were saved at the Billy Graham campaign in the home of one of our church members last November and they come to church every Sunday from San Jose - 35 minutes from Cabo. Recently his car was being worked on and was stolen. One of the leaders called him to tell him about this gift and he broke into tears and could not believe it.

Jose Mauro Campos and Rafael Marin de Leon - are the two church leaders that we would probably put the church vehicles names under. They think the 2 suburbans for the church would work best because we don't have any vehicles to transport people. We often need to take the youth group places or go to special meetings with different groups from the church. We can also use the vehicles with the construction of the church.

The church is called Comunidad Biblica de Cabo San Lucas and is located at the Golden Palace #33 (2nd floor) Carretera a Todos Santos. It is a large 3-story yellow building where we rent a room. It is across the street from the Pemex Gas station at the intersection and light of the bypass road with the road that comes down from Todos Santos.

We are thankful for the wonderful opportunity. God is good!

Carlos and Sandy
Comunidad Biblica de Cabo San Lucas

Israel, the contact person, is the groom in the picture of the wedding.

January 16, 2008

The Latest: Team Manresa

Update: January 15, 2008

Bo Stout of Kennedy Auto came through as promised. Bob Ellenwood and I ran down to Stockton last Friday and picked up the Manresa Suburban's replacement tranny, no charge! Thank you Bo. Juan Villaron of Graniterock has offered to put in the tranny, again at NO charge. Juan has already tuned-up the Team Manresa Suburban! I'm stunned at the way people are giving their time, talents and even products for the trip. Many folks can't make the journey but have the fever and have risen to support us and those we'll meet in March. The boys and I really appreciate it and we will honor these efforts. 100% of the money, donated products will go directly to people in need down in Baja. There is no overhead, just a vision to help some folks out.

We've already received over $5,500 in cash along with GOBS of clothing, toys and misc. goods. If you want to help out too, email Bob.

Recently, we've been talking to Foundation for His Ministry ( about assisting us with crossing the border with donations as well as transporting some of their goods down to a facility in northern Baja. FFHM runs a few different programs in Mexico and they focus on orphans and occupational training.... Additionally, Mike did a scouting trip to Todos Santos and visited with some of the sites we had already identified as high need recipients. We should hear more on that soon...

January 29, 2008

New Tranny!

Update: January 29, 2008
Juan gets it on!


Juan Villaron has stoked out Team Manresa installing the transmission donated by Kennedy Auto and Bo Stout. Spending hours of his weekend time in the dirt and auto-muck, Juan took the failed 700 Chevy tranny out and installed the donated tranny. THANK YOU JUAN for your time and talent! We appreciate it and the Morales family of Cabo San Lucas will thank you on March 15!!!!

February 2, 2008

Packin' Party

Two rigs are filled to the roofs, Team Manresa & Team El Dorado.


With all the donations we've received I wondered if we could even fit everything in. Bob's house had tons of goodies.... Mostly clothing, but we also have bicycles, arts and craft and school supplies, roller blades, toys, stuffed animals, surfboards and even a windsurf board setup! Since the Sentinel Article tons of folks have been dropping off donations.

Team Westside is well on their way with arts and crafts goodies and more gear to grab in southern California. Rumor has it, Team SV/Burbank has locked down a Ford F150 (Wy's old truck, details forthcoming). The plan is to load this rig in San Clemente on the way down.

Thanks to: Rob, Danny N., Randy, Mike B., Mike S., Bobbie, Marilyn and Shari!

Major kudos to Jeff/Scarborough for the containers

SPECIAL THANKS to: SHARI & MARILYN the Uber Packers, without your help we would have been sitting with a blank stare saying "Where do we start?" !!!!

Everyone pitched in to organize and pack the donations, powered by Marilyn's bagels and coffee.



Team Eldorado's rig packed up, complete with Starsky & Hutch leather jackets on the front seats.

Team Manresa packed up, racks are pending, we'll load boards, bikes and windsurf gear on the roof! Where are we going to sleep!

February 22, 2008

"The Beast" gets new tires!

The Beast has received lots of loving care and many needed upgrades, including a new radiator, newer transmission, major tuneups, etc. It's ready to tackle Baja and get there with plenty of life left. There was one problem.... The rear tires were pretty bad.

When we tell anyone about the Baja3000, their first question is, "how are your tires?" Well, we can now say, thanks to Lloyd's Tires in Santa Cruz, "our tires are great." Larry Johnson, owner or Lloyd's Tires stepped up and replaced two well-worn tires on the back of Team Manresa's 1988 Suburban. He made sure that the car had high quality all-terrain skins, even taking the time to match the white lettering that was on the existing front tires.

Larry Johnson shows Rob the new skins

Lloyd's shop in Santa Cruz

The new rubber

February 27, 2008

Stokes Signs Sticks it to Baja3000


Santa Cruz signmaker extraordinaire Steve Hosmer found out about the trip and stepped up with some super hip, custom vinyl vehicle stickers. The Baja3000 logos will go on each car so we can be more conspicuous to the criminals searching for weak prey.

Super special thanks to the Stokes crew for doin their thing in a pro way.... Even "weeding" all of the vinyl for us!

The Baja3000 logo

The crew at Stokes. Derek, Justine, Ashley and Steve. Steve was so "stoked" on the trip, he got a new tat!

Check out the Stokes store for local Santa Cruz artwork in poster, postcard and originals.

June 18, 2008

The Beast (aka "The Work Horse") Lives and Serves

We asked some of the recipients about what was going on with the donations that we delivered on behalf of the guys and everyone who gave their money, time and gifts.

Here is the first update from the field. You may remember FFHM down in Negro Guerrero, where we made about 30% of our donations and left the beloved "Beast" on day two....


Hi Guys -

I just came back from the mission site. It was a blessed time to see how the hearts and labours of love that all of you donors are put into action. I attached pictures of the suburban. It was just in time, because it was hauling/towing a massive vehicle. We are so blessed to have the suburban. They affectionately call it "The work horse" for the Maintenance department and in use every day, all day long! The LOVE it!


The clothes, toys, bikes and surfboard were distributed to the orphanage.....We are very grateful - the kids are enjoying them all very much! They can only get to beach at certain times, but are very excited to have the opportunity to get out and enjoy the ocean! There are staff members that surf who will take the boys out.


Thank you so much for following up. We were and are so blessed to have our paths cross and look forward to working together again in the near future.

Thanks for your labours of love - our regards to the donors and the team.



Karen Segura

U.S. Volunteer Coordinator

Foundation for His Ministry



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