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July 31, 2007

Baja 3000, First Installment

Well, as promised, the beginning of the month has rolled around and its time for the first installment of TGT 2008, the saga!

It is always best to start from the beginning when ever tackling any task, therefor I would like to briefly talk a little about HM #1, Danny Neumann.

The fact that Danny's reign as number one HM came as no surprise to most of us, mainly due to the fact that as soon as we return home from any trip he begins spreading the stoke for the next trip, outstanding TGT etiquette.

It's that kind of energy that keeps the TGT train rolling!

The reality is that all of us are drudging through the daily grinds of life, suddenly, a simple email can change the perceived headaches of the day and prep the noggin for the ride!

Danny began his tenure as an original core TGT member by traveling the Coastlines of California and Baja.

Each year team members have come and gone, yet Nuby has stuck to his guns, through thick and thin, happiness and heartache, healthy...and not so healthy...Danny has always led the charge...three cheers for Nuby!

The trips have splattered across the board from cheap Big Sur getaways to elaborate Fiji runs, yet it all comes down to the three B's: Bro's, Boards and Booze!

Luckily there are still a few on board who not only developed the TGT roots but also created the life style...the "TGT Culture" as you will.

Yeah, you can call it want you want "Man-cations", "Male Bonding" (Thats Bonding, not Bondage Bruff) but it will always be "TGT, The Guys Trip" to us!

As we enter the 24th season, all of us can reflect back on that special trip, that perfect wave, that crazy story, that scary moment, the incredible people that we share those memories with... we all are very lucky and blessed hombres!

That is what so cool about TGT, the opportunity for someone to lead the charge on a new adventure, to create a memorable moment, to take us away from the daily tunnel vision, even if for just a brief time. Life is to short guys, we have to maintain the legacy...besides, pickling your liver once a year is good for the heart!!!!

The 2008 TGT trip will be one for the books, completely different that what has have ever been done before so I hope your ready!

Ok...the first 2-hints to the 2008 TGT trip is:

1. "One Way Airfare"

2. "Pesos"

Next installment 6/01/07


Baja 3000, Second Installment

Welcome to the second installment of TGT 2008, the saga!

We last left off praising our original honored mate, Danny Nuemann (H.M. Ixtapa) and a brief summary of the incredible legacy that has been placed forth by decades of TGT brethren's.

This month I would like to recognize Robert Brough (H.M. North Carolina) & Wyatt Wolfe (H.M. Ecuador) for there tireless efforts, unbelievable vision, continuos trip stoke and main stage entertainment!

But first...I have a confession...

The TGT 2008 has become such a complex monster that I had to bring in a top Master planner to assist me. One who has been there before and with great success!

Therefor it is my honor to allow this master planner to uncork the puzzle!


You are formally invited, indeed challenged; to participate in an undertaking unlike anything you have embarked upon in your life.

It’s true, you are an adventurer, and you have accomplished countless, remarkable acts in the two score plus years on the planet. Your antics are legendary…. but… the tone of your adventures has been pacified in recent years. “More comfort” is the new mantra as finances allow and time is slightly more accessible. A casual 30-minute uncrowded surf… a cold “mitcholada,” an afternoon nap. Whatever you’ve desired. That will change in 8 months from now.

From your home, to Cabo San Lucas and back in 7 days. A total budget of $1,500 (you need to buy a car for the trip from that budget too). Each day will have a destination. Each destination will require approximately 8-12 hours of driving. Each day will include 2-4 activities. Each activity will require balls.

Details forthcoming.
The Honored Mate, North Carolina


This will be a once in a lifetime trip (By the way, I can't believe Bruff held on to this secret for nearly two months)

Gentlemen, welcome to the:

“The Baja 3000”

Back to Our Roots Tour!

Date: March 22st – 30th, 2008 (Tentative)

It is up to each of you to choose a partner and together purchase a vehicle that is road worthy enough to get your butts to the tip of Cabo.

Additional information and rules concerning this trip will be in the next installment. This will be a charity rally in which we will be donating our rigs to a church in Cabo as well as other charitable stops along the way.

As mentioned before you have only $1,500.00 US each to spend ($3,000.00/Team) an this includes your: Rig, Insurance (US & Mex.), Lic., Food, Gas/Toll, Hotel (On the way down, Cabo hotel is taken care of) and misc. required purchases indicated in installment three letter.

About the vehicle

Things to consider:

1. It must seat 4 (In case a teams rig needs to be abandoned)

2. 4 wheel drive is highly suggested due to the required stopping points

3. Simple motors (easy to fix)

4. Something you can sleep in (save dinero)

5. Price range should be around $1100 - $1500 (You can spend more but that dips into you other funds)

6. Fuel budget approx. $450 - $600

Well, I think thats enough to chew on for a while, get with your partner and develop a strategy


Oh, I forgot to mention, this adventure will be made into a full feature film which will be submitted to all the 09' film festivals installment, July 1, 2007

Baja 3000, Third Installment

Welcome to the Third Installment of TGT 2008, the saga!

So now that the cat has been let out of the bag (and this sucker is freaking out!!!), it’s time to bring everyone up to speed!

There are some details we are working out with regards to bringing a vehicle over the border and leaving it in Mex., just a little speed bump, but we are confident it is a non-issue deal!


Team Manresa (Rob n Bob) have purchased the “the Baja Super Burb” a stripped 1988 Suburban!

The rig cost $1,175.00 (repair parts have added another $275.00 but not deducted from budget, see below for explanation), current trick-out plans are: Installing a free CB radio with whip, building and installing a free gear rack on top (See sample donation letter attached), installing a sleeper area in back (Plywood & Futon), free used off road mud tires, winch ($27 ebay), tow hooks, rack mount jerry cans (4ea, one for water) and other goodies to be disclosed at a later date!

Here is a brief summary reminder on what to look for when scouting for your vehicle!

Roomy, 4-6 seater, sleeping rig, easy engine to work on, able to buy parts in Mex., 4x4 and mechanically sound, something you would be proud of for your donation!


So far, the teams that have hooked up are as follows:

Rob B. & Bob E. – Team Manresa

Wyatt W. & Jeff O. – Team?

Joe Z. & Randy L. – Team?

Team members still available for hook up: (or, BYOB - bring your own buddy)

Danny N. (North Carolina, The Chick Magnet)

Mike B. (Santa Cruz, Jack of all Trades)

Jeff A. (Washington, The Fish)

Ed K. (Santa Cruz, The Seasoned Baja Veteran “TGT Newbie”)

Wild Cards:

Scott G. (Santa Barbara, The Shooter)

Ian M. (Santa Cruz, The Kandeman)

Keith J. (Paso Robles, Demolition Man)

Mark C. (Santa Cruz, Mr. Flip-flop)

Jerry D. (Santa Barbara, Rico Suave)

Danny M. (Reno, NV, The Jester)

Mark N. (Bay Area, The Brewman)

Eric N. (North Carolina, The Padre)

Steve R. (Santa Cruz, The Negotiator)

Jeff G. (La Selva Beach, The Rocker)

Please let me know ASAP when teams have been developed, it will take some time to get ready so the sooner your teams are hooked up the better!

Now its time to clear up a few questions about the budget, rules and point system. Below are some items you will be scored on and some items you can add (above your allotted $1500.00, if you would like) without getting dinged!

Budget does not include: Your gear, bedding, coolers, spare equipment, method of communication (CB’s, cell phones), GPS, whatever mechanical work needed to make the car drivable/safe or just to trick it out!

CONTEST - Teams of two must purchase and drive a vehicle, of their choice, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, filming and recording their journey along the way. Each team will be given a camera, film, a journal and a list of accomplishments they must complete prior to arriving at the given destination.

Each team can only spend a total amount of $3,000.00 ($1,500.00 each team member), this would include: The South bound vehicle/insurance, food, gas, hotel, toll roads, required activities (including required surf spots along the way), shared cost of the final destination and the plane trip back (include board bag fees…if applicable, extra baggage fee for HM Case).

RULES: To make this interesting, a point system has been developed for all aspects of this adventure, the team with the most points WINS! Each team will start at the departure point of their choice (distance is part of the point system). Teams must obey the law….NO SPEEDING…There will be plenty of time to reach each of the destinations, relax and surf!

Starting time: No earlier than 12:01 a.m. 3/22/08 (Tentative date, arrival time not counted into point system).

Team must take photo standing next to vehicle prior to departure and at the end of journey.

Team must take photo of odometer prior to departure

Vehicles must seat at least 4 (in case another team needs to abandon a dead vehicle).

Team must keep all receipts (copies OK) and turn in at final destination.

Team must film and journal every stop or interesting sights along the way.

Proof of required activities must be documented by photo, film, journal and required trinket purchase.


Most traveled distance 10 points per mile
Surf two California spots 500 points
If spot is Malibu (L.A.), add: 300 points
Purchase a Malibu Surf Shop sticker 100 points
If spot is Windansea (San Diego), add: 300 points
Purchase a Windansea Surf Shop sticker 100 points
Team rescues another team due to vehicle abandonment 100,000 points
If backtracking for rescue 20 points per mile
Key chain from boarder town of your choice 100 points

Surf somewhere before Ensenada 500 points
Purchase a local Surf Shop sticker 100 points
Surf somewhere on the Sea of Cortez 3000 points
Stop at significant cultural sites (Mission’s, etc.) 1000 points
Have car repainted 5000 points
If village children paint vehicle add 5000 points
Team Rescues another team due to vehicle abandonment 75,000 points
If backtracking for rescue 20 points per mile
Purchase a Sombrero, Poncho or Blanket 500 points
Film/pics of any creature/s (for each different species) 100 points
Two donations (One being the vehicle) 200,000 points
Purchase a Coozie in La Paz 1000 points

Cheapest Fuel Bill 5000 points
Most Footage (Film/Stills) 5000 points
Most Recorded Places of Interest (Missions, unusual stuff) 5000 points
Least amount spent 10,000 points

If Camera and Journal missing -150,000 points
If Vehicle must be abandoned -300,000 points
Law Enforcement Ticket (Must take pic/film) -20,000 points
Jail Time (Must take pic/film) -100,000 points
Lost Time Injury -20,000 points
(This is just a sample of what the final point system will be. A final system will be announce at a later date)

Points are limited to one per team (Except for Jail Time & Lost Time Injury) and judging the final point standings is solely based on the discretion of Rob & Bob – Team Manresa, (they are not eligible in the standings for winning or losing) scoring to decide how points are tabulated, what is worthy of earning points and who the final winning/losing teams are!

Team with the least amount of earned points (The Loser) must take 5 shots of Tequila and buy a round of beers for the other teams (including the judges) the first day in Cabo San Lucas.

Winning Team will receive the coveted “BAJA 3000” trophy and never have to buy beer the rest of the trip (this cost will be incurred by all the other team members, except for the judges, they are exempt).
(This again is just a sample of the Winning/Losing Package, final package to be released at a later date)

On a serious note: We will be assisting those in need along the way as well as when we reach our final destination. Teams will receive packets on what their donation zones are (different zone/day for each team) prior to departure. Each team will independently identify a charitable opportunity and address needs as they see fit (In Mex.)

Our first checkpoint will be in Mexico (to be announced); all teams must arrive by a specified time. Upon arrival, the 2008 Honored Mate ceremony will commence.

Here is a sample letter you can modify for getting donations for your rig or other items!

Eugene Milburn 6/22/2007
Mercury Metals
169-2 W. Beach St.
Watsonville CA. 95076

RE: Metal Donation

Dear Eugene:

My name is Robert Ellenwood, Lou Urbina said you might be able to assist us with some metal tubing to build a new rack on top of a vehicle we will be donating.

The program we are developing is a mission’s trip to Cabo San Lucas, MX. and we will be delivering clothing, first aid and other supplies to needy families in that location.

On top of the supplies, we will be donating the vehicles to those families the church has chosen.

The church we are working with is:

Carlos and Sandy
Apartado Postal 82
Cabo San Lucas, BCS
Mexico, CP 23451
Telephone: 011-52-624-***-**** (Been remove for blog, let me know if you need the number)
Vonage: (908) 212-**** (This is a NJ number that reaches us in Mexico)
Skype: CarlosSandyRios

Here is an excerpt from a current email.

“We have another family in mind that has a very low income and needs vehicle badly. As well our church will be entering a construction program soon and we thought it would be very helpful for the church to own a truck to carry supplies as well as tables and chairs for events when needed. There are a number of people in our church who could use vehicles, so we will continue to pray about this.”

Thanks for your generosity.

Carlos and Sandy

We appreciate any help with this project and look forward in assisting these families.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me at ***-***-****

Thank you for everything!


Robert Ellenwood

Nice links to help in planning your drive!

August 21, 2007

Baja 3000, Fourth Installment

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Baja 3000.

Big News: has launched!!!!

At this time the site will be used as a blog tool, but in the near future it will house; photo's, video, stories, maps, donation information, gear list, charities, press releases, team stats and many other useless items!

Rob B. has offered his professional web building talents and Mike B. has offered his professional writing skills to help make this a site worth visiting!

When we last left off, discussions of teams, points and goals stirred the pot of confusion!

So in this installment we are setting a date! A date to all congregate!!! To congregate without debate, possibly to congregate out of state, you cannot bring your mate on this date, you better not hesitate to make this date...for it is your fate to mingle with great...TEAM BAJA 3000!!!

Ok...ok...that's quite enough!

So here is the announcement: All Baja 3000 Team Members are to report to So. Lake Tahoe, 09/15/07 - 09/16/07 (Sat-Sun). Location: Rob's Tahoe pad (instruction given in the next installment)

11:00 a.m. - Meet at Brough Compound
12:00 - Lunch
1:30 - 5:00 p.m. Trip Outline
6:00 - Dinner
7:30 p.m. Pre-screening of "Galapagos" TGT Surf Film 2007
10:00 a.m. Team Breakfast
Head home

Here are some of the things we are working on:
• Vehicle transfer paperwork
• Destinations and stopping points
• Vehicle ideas

Just like a baseball card!

Here is what we need from you!
A Cool Head Shot (for the website)
Name (Ok to include a nick name):
Surf Frequency:
Goofy or Regular:
Favorite Local Surf Spot:
Favorite Destination Surf Spot:
Story of Best Wave Ever:

Send info to:

Please let us know how many can make it!

Next installment: 09/01/07

September 13, 2007

TGT Galapagos Trailer

Premiere screening (director's cut) South Lake Tahoe, September 15, 2007.

September 18, 2007

Baja 3000, Fifth Installment

The Inaugural TGT Golf Tourney Huge Success!

Big shout out to Danny Miller for launching the first TGT Golf Tournament, a smashing success!

...And to Robby B. for hosting the crew at his sassy S. Lake Tahoe digs!

The crew did some major damage to the wildlife by leaving no less than 40 golf balls somewhere in the Nevada desert! The team of Zuc, Brozda and Brough took honors with the lowest score of 6 over, while Wolfe, Ellenwood and Neumann shot a stunning 10 over.

The scramble round was played at Silver Oak Golf Course in Carson City, NV. and proved to be quite challenging for the whole group...especially around the 14th hole (where the six packs disappeared).mike_outhouse.jpggolfinboys.jpg

From there it was off to the 19th hole where Danny M. was the impeccable host, it felt like being on the set of Cheers! It was really great meeting Mo, Valerie and the rest of the awesome crew at Mo & Sluggo's Bar & Grill (Miller, would you build this guy a website!), certainly worth revisiting!!! Incredible food, outstanding service and a funky-groov'n vibe like no other! Thanks gang!!!!sluggonmoe.jpgmonsluggos.jpg

The trip planning was minimal, however, Joey sported his new Baja-3000 rig, a 1991 3/4 ton on blue...hands down the best ride so far! Yes, Joe did lock his keys in the car, a mere 10 hours after he had purchased it.unlock.jpg

Items we are waiting on: Carlos and Sandy's information about the church and those who will be receiving the gifts. Once we have that information we can begin the paperwork for transferring the vehicles. Also, we have gained a lot of interest from those who would like to help out in some way or another, so we will be developing a "needs" section on the site.

Mike and Penny will be heading down to Cabo in November and will be in contact with several organizations and identify actual needs, from there we can develop a plan-of-action for obtaining our goals.

Some of you have mentioned purchasing your own video cameras for the trip, which would be great! If you could stay with "Mini-DV" format that would be best for matching quality of the film!

TGT Galapagos Update: Premiere "Directors Cut" was shown to the crew with great excitement! TGT Galapagos has also been submitted to the Santa Barbara Oceanic Film Festival. If chosen, I will let everyone know the dates for those who would like to attend!

Check back often and spread the word about the site!!!!


October 29, 2007

Vehicle Recipients

Bobbie just got some specific word from the folks in Cabo who will be receiving the vehicles when we arrive... Check it out.

Rumor has it that Brozda has found a specific organization in Todos Santos that works with disabled kids. Apparently, he's looking for a rig that is "lift" equipped. Mike is also still looking for a partner as Ian and Neumann are out and on the fence at this point.

Dear Robert Ellenwood,

The leaders of the church are soooo excited about this project. They have in mind who should get the vehicles. Another missionary told us it is easier if the vehicles are transferred directly to the people rather than to the church. They are:

Marta Rocha Carapia - Marta is a single mother with 5 young children who lives in a very poor neighborhood quite far from our church and the center of town. It is a major project to get all her children and her mother on the bus to be able to attend Bible studies and church services. This would also help that family with their grocery shopping.

Filomena Acuenteco Morales - Filomena also lives in the same neighborhood as Marta. She has 3 children and her husband works as a mason and he does not make a lot of money. Sometimes she cleans houses in order to provide a little bit more income for the family. That vehicle would be a tremendous blessing for that family as well.

Rafa Gonzalez - Rafa came from the mainland seeking work and set up a small body shop for cars. He makes very little money at this job. His family (wife and 2 children) were saved at the Billy Graham campaign in the home of one of our church members last November and they come to church every Sunday from San Jose - 35 minutes from Cabo. Recently his car was being worked on and was stolen. One of the leaders called him to tell him about this gift and he broke into tears and could not believe it.

Jose Mauro Campos and Rafael Marin de Leon - are the two church leaders that we would probably put the church vehicles names under. They think the 2 suburbans for the church would work best because we don't have any vehicles to transport people. We often need to take the youth group places or go to special meetings with different groups from the church. We can also use the vehicles with the construction of the church.

The church is called Comunidad Biblica de Cabo San Lucas and is located at the Golden Palace #33 (2nd floor) Carretera a Todos Santos. It is a large 3-story yellow building where we rent a room. It is across the street from the Pemex Gas station at the intersection and light of the bypass road with the road that comes down from Todos Santos.

We are thankful for the wonderful opportunity. God is good!

Carlos and Sandy
Comunidad Biblica de Cabo San Lucas

Israel, the contact person, is the groom in the picture of the wedding.

July 2, 2007

A Crazy Vacation Idea; The Baja 3000!


Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9



Drive far, surf hard, challenge your ingenuity and tenacity in the desert. Then, give everything away…including your car!

In March, 2008, five teams of surfers will pile into four-wheel-drive trucks and negotiate 1600 dusty, bumpy miles to Mexico in the search of solitude, perfect waves, and people in need.

We will load our vehicles with 5000 pounds of clothes, toys, books, bikes, tools and other essentials. As we pass through poor Baja villages, we will donate everything—including the much-needed 4WD trucks—to recognized charities. In all, we hope to make donations worth more than $30,000.

We invite you to watch the action on this web site and blog. We’ll update it frequently with stories, photos and videos. We also invite you to make a donation to the Baja3000 of money, toys, books, supplies, educational materials, and other items. Your donation will go straight to the hands of needy kids and families.


View Larger Map

The trip, dubbed Baja3000, is governed by a set of rules designed to maximize donations, ingenuity, teamwork and grit. Each two-man team may spend no more than $3000 for everything—vehicle, food, gas, license, and tolls. Points are awarded for a variety of tasks ranging from doing one’s own vehicle repairs or rescuing stranded motorists, to surfing fabled out-of-the way breaks. Scores will be tallied and a coveted Baja3000 trophy will be awarded once teams all reach Cabo San Lucas.

March 7-16, 2008

The team has planned the trip to maximize great surf opportunities, as well as make donations in out-of-the-way towns.
Here’s the agenda (destinations in red, primary donation centers in green on the map):
Day One: Santa Cruz to Quatro Casas
Day two: Cuatro Casas medical donation, then drive to Seven Sisters
Day Three: Seven Sisters to Magdalena Bay
Day Four: Magdalena Bay to La Paz
Day Five: La Paz to Todos Santos - Donation A & B
Day Six: Todos Santos to Cabo San Lucas - Donation C
Day Seven: Fly Home

Baja has been a primary destination since the beginning of the guys’ surf trips, back when we couldn’t afford much. Back then, surf trip was a drive across the border, camping and cooking our own meals on the beach, and surfing.

There are many reasons we wanted to make a trip like this one. First, all of us love surfing, and Mexico has warm water and some of the world’s best breaks.

Second, coming down here for two decades, we’ve come to know and respect the wonderful people here. It seems right that we should give something back.

Third, we wanted to get back to our roots as surfers. The trip is purposely designed to test our ingenuity, inventiveness, and creativity under harsh conditions. We’re operating under strict financial limits, just as we did as younger surfers. It’s as close as we can get to the original spirit of surfing on a shoestring.


The team will be supporting a number of worthwhile charities all along the Baja Peninsula. In addition, team members will donate supplies, used surfboards, toys and other items in towns and villages along the peninsula. Most of the charities have been personally pre-scouted by Baja3000 team members, who evaluated them for quality services, outstanding management, and effective programs.

Some of the specifically targeted charities include:

A. Classroom on Wheels: is run by Mexican and American volunteers. Every day, the volunteers go out to migrant labor camps and bring toys, games, educational activities to kids. The program we are targeting is in Todos Santos, about a 90 minute drive north of Cabo. These labor camps house “the poorest of the poor.” These are company-built shantytowns run by large growers in this part of Mexico. The program touches about 500 kids each week.

B. Special Needs School: also in Todos Santos, helps 20 kids ranging in age from 18 months to 22 years. The kids have autism, deafness, mental retardation, Downs’ syndrome and several other challenges. The school’s library has only about 50 books, water doesn’t work in the restrooms, no internet connection and even basic supplies such as paper and pencils are in short supply.

C. Communidad Biblica de Cabo San Lucas: This organization helps more than 120 poor families with social services of all kinds. The team plans to donate several vehicles to families who will use them for work and school.


The guys have been taking surf trips together for more than 2 decades. The guys have enjoyed incredible surf, local culture, adventure and camaraderie. Check out some of our past trips, they include Mexico, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Namotu Fiji, Hatteras North Carolina among others.


Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9

March 3, 2008

Nice Rack Team Westside!

Keith Millar of Cupertino burned a full day day of his precious weekend torching together a super-strong surf rack for Team Westside. Keith a surfer, windsurfer and expert welder with a killer home shop, knew the racks had to be Baja-tough. He fashioned the uprights out of 3-inch-wide steel plate, and molded the metal to fit the truck's body contours precisely. For the cross-members he used 3/4 inch steel pipe. The rack is low-profile and makes no discernible wind noise at freeway speed. Keith finished the job with a coat of primer and color to match the '91 Suburban. Thanks for a great job, Keith!

March 4, 2008

Team ElDorado Rack's 'em Up!!!

Team Manresa’s Master Fabricator, Lou Urbina, decide it was time to help out another TGT team... “Team El Dorado”, by constructing a hand built, custom Macho Monster Rack to carry gear and supplies.

Team El Dorado’s Blue Thunder

It all started when Team Manresa’s head P.R. man, Steven Espinoza, donated his trusty ol’ faithful lumber racks to the cause.

Steve E., Team Manresa’s Director of Public Relations

Then came the incredible donation from Eugene Milburn, of Mercury Metals in Watsonville. Eugene provided the team with all the needed materials to convert the lumber racks into the Mega Roof Rack/Film Platform. Thank you Eugene!

Eugene & Lou

Lou wasted no time in cutting and reshaping the black beauty until the shape fit its new steed!

Lou slicing and dicing!

Once the shape was a perfect fit, it was time to beef up the platform (Based on the “soft” film crew that will be perched on it during the film shots), a handful of thick wall steel sticks were strategically place in order to carry the above said load!

Checking the fit!

Then a custom gear cage was added to assist in load shifts and strap wraps.

Lou & Juan, one of many test fits

Team Manresa’s Crew Chief, Juan Villeron, stopped by to lend a hand and give each vehicle a one last “Once-over”, including replacing the U-Joints on the “88 Beast”!

Juan’s little persuasion (Juan has nearly rebuilt the '88 Suburban)

After a final paint job, the rack was installed…a perfect fit!

Juan, Lou & Steven

The boys went completely above and beyond the call of duty in assisting us with our mission. We could never repay their whole-hearted love and talent which they have given to the Baja3000 project.

Thank you guys, for everything!

Baja 3000 in the News

Learn more

Baja 3000 Route

Route map

The Baja 3000 has just ended. Stat tuned for a trip recap and photos.

Contact the crew

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