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December 4, 2007

Team Ellenwood & Brough

The Latest
Back Up and Running!
Juan Villaron has stoked out Team Manresa installing the transmission donated by Kennedy Auto and Bo Stout. Spending hours of his weekend time in the dirt and auto-muck, Juan took the failed 700 Chevy tranny out and installed the donated tranny. THANK YOU JUAN for your time and talent! We appreciate it and the Morales family of Cabo San Lucas will thank you on March 15!!!!

Thank you!
Bo Stout of Kennedy Auto in Stockton has gone above and beyond. I spoke with Bo today, November 6, he's pulled a tranny for Team Manresa from his yard. When I inquired as to the cost, his reply was, "it's a donation for the cause, you're doing a good thing". THANK YOU BO! We appreciate it, and we'll chronicle your gift when we arrive. You should consider joining us as you probably have a few rigs at your disposal!!!!

News flash!!!
Our transmission has gone out. While driving from Scotts Valley back to La Selva, the Beast blew the tranny. We're talking with old friend Bo Stout of Kennedy Auto in Stockton about a used transmission. With some luck, we'll be good to go in a few weeks. Custom racks are on the horizon... The moral of the story is to get your rig and test it out. You don't want the tranny going out in the middle of Baja!

Fear This!

Team Manresa, Bob Ellenwood and Rob Brough, have drawn first blood and done the unthinkable. The 1988 Suburban Cheyenne, ambulance-doored monster has been acquired.

Purchase price: $1,175
Parts: $300
Tax, license and registration: $500
Insurance: $TBD
New Transmission: $???
Remaining budget: aprox $1,000

We've already loaded the back with coolers, spare parts, a winch, huge tent, first aid kits and supplies, etc. Bob installed a CB base station!

Our future plans include a massive rack on the roof, two new tires for backup, a collapsable sleeping system in the rear, megaphone, fridge, massager, etc.

So.... Does anyone else have their rig yet??

If you have pics or description, email it to me.


October 2, 2007

Team ElDorado

Sloppy Joe has done the deal... In fact, he received a brand new set of tires from AMZ Financial. The Lunsford/Zuccolotto Baja3000 rig is a 1991 3/4 ton on blue...hands down the best ride so far!SLOPPY_BEAST_sm.jpg

Yes, Joe did lock his keys in the car, a mere 10 hours after he had purchased it.unlock.jpg

Randy is keeping busy somewhere in Soquel....

January 21, 2008

Team Westside

Mike has drawn third blood. The deal was done today as Mike crossed the bay area and slapped down 17 crisp Benjamins and claimed his steed. This 1990, 3/4 ton, Silverado package equip'd machine is a sweet ride.... If team Manresa is a 1 and Team AMZ is a 10, Mike's black and silver apaloosa is a solid 7.5. The nameless steed performed flawlessly from Salinas to Santa Cruz, riding smooth the entire way. Well done Michael.

A proud Michael

Mike and Mike, 2 out of the 3 Westsiders.

Fine lines on the 1990 ride.

My favorite feature:

January 29, 2008

New Tranny!

Update: January 29, 2008
Juan gets it on!


Juan Villaron has stoked out Team Manresa installing the transmission donated by Kennedy Auto and Bo Stout. Spending hours of his weekend time in the dirt and auto-muck, Juan took the failed 700 Chevy tranny out and installed the donated tranny. THANK YOU JUAN for your time and talent! We appreciate it and the Morales family of Cabo San Lucas will thank you on March 15!!!!

February 2, 2008

Packin' Party

Two rigs are filled to the roofs, Team Manresa & Team El Dorado.


With all the donations we've received I wondered if we could even fit everything in. Bob's house had tons of goodies.... Mostly clothing, but we also have bicycles, arts and craft and school supplies, roller blades, toys, stuffed animals, surfboards and even a windsurf board setup! Since the Sentinel Article tons of folks have been dropping off donations.

Team Westside is well on their way with arts and crafts goodies and more gear to grab in southern California. Rumor has it, Team SV/Burbank has locked down a Ford F150 (Wy's old truck, details forthcoming). The plan is to load this rig in San Clemente on the way down.

Thanks to: Rob, Danny N., Randy, Mike B., Mike S., Bobbie, Marilyn and Shari!

Major kudos to Jeff/Scarborough for the containers

SPECIAL THANKS to: SHARI & MARILYN the Uber Packers, without your help we would have been sitting with a blank stare saying "Where do we start?" !!!!

Everyone pitched in to organize and pack the donations, powered by Marilyn's bagels and coffee.



Team Eldorado's rig packed up, complete with Starsky & Hutch leather jackets on the front seats.

Team Manresa packed up, racks are pending, we'll load boards, bikes and windsurf gear on the roof! Where are we going to sleep!

February 3, 2008

Team Burbank

Team LA decided to use Wyatt's old truck and clean up his driveway. Jeff and Wyatt wanted to step away from the Suburban madness and drive what they believe to be a true Baja rig. This 3/4 ton Ford F-250 is tried and true and has already been Baja-proven many times in the past. It's going to be the vehicle that carries Foundation For His Ministry goods to Vincente Guerrero. New tires, a nice CD player, and will soon get tuned up for the trip! Watch out Team Westside and Team Manresa! Team Burbank is ready to rumble.

The Burbank rig.

Olson is already celebrating!olson_wolfe.jpg

February 13, 2008

Team ????

Baja3000 organizer Bob E. stumbles on an opportunity!

toyotas.jpgEric and his twin Toyota SR5s

In addition to all of the toys, clothes and tools, Baja3000 also received some cold hard cash. These generous cash donors left Bob E. with a challenge. Bring down a little dough that the teams could use to nimbly address need, or purchase another vehicle to give away. While looking into what Baja3000 could buy, Bob found Eric's 1991 SR5 Toyota (red) on craigslist and got in touch. When Bob and Eric met and the Baja3000 story was told Eric offered a second SR5 (1992) for an additional 50%! We're now up to six cars and we still have a little cash to spread around! We may need more drivers at this rate.

Both Toyotas are in good shape with minor body blemishes.

THANK YOU for your generosity Eric.

Tomorrow, Bob and Mike will head to San Diego to explore the ins and outs of transferring the car titles from the US to Mexico. Also unidentified is the total cost of doing the transfers. There will be taxes, licensing/document fees, the transfer broker cost and who knows what else. We're hoping things go smoothly, worst case, we can sell one of the vehicles to cover any excessive charges.

Check back Friday or this weekend for an update on Mike and Bob's visit to San Diego and to, the donation center in San Clemente where we'll load up more donations for the San Vincente Orphanage on the first leg of the adventure.

February 22, 2008

"The Beast" gets new tires!

The Beast has received lots of loving care and many needed upgrades, including a new radiator, newer transmission, major tuneups, etc. It's ready to tackle Baja and get there with plenty of life left. There was one problem.... The rear tires were pretty bad.

When we tell anyone about the Baja3000, their first question is, "how are your tires?" Well, we can now say, thanks to Lloyd's Tires in Santa Cruz, "our tires are great." Larry Johnson, owner or Lloyd's Tires stepped up and replaced two well-worn tires on the back of Team Manresa's 1988 Suburban. He made sure that the car had high quality all-terrain skins, even taking the time to match the white lettering that was on the existing front tires.

Larry Johnson shows Rob the new skins

Lloyd's shop in Santa Cruz

The new rubber

March 3, 2008

Nice Rack Team Westside!

Keith Millar of Cupertino burned a full day day of his precious weekend torching together a super-strong surf rack for Team Westside. Keith a surfer, windsurfer and expert welder with a killer home shop, knew the racks had to be Baja-tough. He fashioned the uprights out of 3-inch-wide steel plate, and molded the metal to fit the truck's body contours precisely. For the cross-members he used 3/4 inch steel pipe. The rack is low-profile and makes no discernible wind noise at freeway speed. Keith finished the job with a coat of primer and color to match the '91 Suburban. Thanks for a great job, Keith!

March 4, 2008

Team ElDorado Rack's 'em Up!!!

Team Manresa’s Master Fabricator, Lou Urbina, decide it was time to help out another TGT team... “Team El Dorado”, by constructing a hand built, custom Macho Monster Rack to carry gear and supplies.

Team El Dorado’s Blue Thunder

It all started when Team Manresa’s head P.R. man, Steven Espinoza, donated his trusty ol’ faithful lumber racks to the cause.

Steve E., Team Manresa’s Director of Public Relations

Then came the incredible donation from Eugene Milburn, of Mercury Metals in Watsonville. Eugene provided the team with all the needed materials to convert the lumber racks into the Mega Roof Rack/Film Platform. Thank you Eugene!

Eugene & Lou

Lou wasted no time in cutting and reshaping the black beauty until the shape fit its new steed!

Lou slicing and dicing!

Once the shape was a perfect fit, it was time to beef up the platform (Based on the “soft” film crew that will be perched on it during the film shots), a handful of thick wall steel sticks were strategically place in order to carry the above said load!

Checking the fit!

Then a custom gear cage was added to assist in load shifts and strap wraps.

Lou & Juan, one of many test fits

Team Manresa’s Crew Chief, Juan Villeron, stopped by to lend a hand and give each vehicle a one last “Once-over”, including replacing the U-Joints on the “88 Beast”!

Juan’s little persuasion (Juan has nearly rebuilt the '88 Suburban)

After a final paint job, the rack was installed…a perfect fit!

Juan, Lou & Steven

The boys went completely above and beyond the call of duty in assisting us with our mission. We could never repay their whole-hearted love and talent which they have given to the Baja3000 project.

Thank you guys, for everything!

June 18, 2008

The Beast (aka "The Work Horse") Lives and Serves

We asked some of the recipients about what was going on with the donations that we delivered on behalf of the guys and everyone who gave their money, time and gifts.

Here is the first update from the field. You may remember FFHM down in Negro Guerrero, where we made about 30% of our donations and left the beloved "Beast" on day two....


Hi Guys -

I just came back from the mission site. It was a blessed time to see how the hearts and labours of love that all of you donors are put into action. I attached pictures of the suburban. It was just in time, because it was hauling/towing a massive vehicle. We are so blessed to have the suburban. They affectionately call it "The work horse" for the Maintenance department and in use every day, all day long! The LOVE it!


The clothes, toys, bikes and surfboard were distributed to the orphanage.....We are very grateful - the kids are enjoying them all very much! They can only get to beach at certain times, but are very excited to have the opportunity to get out and enjoy the ocean! There are staff members that surf who will take the boys out.


Thank you so much for following up. We were and are so blessed to have our paths cross and look forward to working together again in the near future.

Thanks for your labours of love - our regards to the donors and the team.



Karen Segura

U.S. Volunteer Coordinator

Foundation for His Ministry



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