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Day Nine

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Time to Go Home

Pack your duffle bag with rancid clothes. Wrap fetid wetsuits in plastic bags. Tie 15 boards on top of the car for the last time. Head to the airport. Another guys' surf trip is at an end.

We'll always remember this trip differently. This trip was about getting waves and good times, but it was much more about giving.

I think Jeff Olson summed up the trip best in a short note he sent to the Baja3000 crew shortly after we returned to the US.

Jeff said: "It was way more work than any other trip we have ever done, but the most fulfilling ever. I will never forget those kids at the labor camp. Their faces just lit up when they saw all the great stuff that we brought to them. I also would suggest that we put Elena and Aaron in our daily prayers. They are truly special people. Thanks to all my buddies for a very memorable, successful, and fun trip."

Here's to next year!

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We are currently working on the Baja 3000 film, (which will be released in Fall of 2008), check out the trailer.

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Baja Joes:

God bless you all for such wonderful acts of kindness.
If there is a writer among you, write a book and expand upon your adventures. There are many Baja affecianados and surfers who would love to read an expanded version of your trip(s).
Is your casa by Todos close to the "old" road before the paving in the '80's? It looks familar.


good job guys, I'm looking forward to reading each of your take on the trip! Who would have thought that this group would be doing something so GOOD!

John Walsh:

Guys, please let me know as you begin to plan for next years trip....perhaps we can help out in some way.


The Palapa Society of Todos Santos,A.C.:

We are very grateful to all those dedicated people who made the 2008 Baja3000 possible.
Thank you for bringing us the children's books, teaching aides, and craft materials for use in our after-school English program. The children of Todos Santos and Pescadero will benefit greatly from
your generous donation.
It was an honor to meet you
Good Luck with Baja3000....2009!
Donna Viglione, Pres.

Carlos and Sandy Rios:

We are so excited after just reading your incredible adventures down the Baja. Our church, the Community Bible Church of Cabo San Lucas, was so blessed by your generous gifts. The two vehicles are of great use for the church in ministry with young people, transportation for events and in the near future, helping in the construction of the new church building. Everything extra that you brought along was a total surprise and delight to the people. The camping equipment, tools and bicycle were a great blessing. The church used it the very next week in the camp in La Paz. Everything was very useful and helpful. Thanks too for the money to help with the importation of the cars. We appreciate so much all the work and expense to get the vehicles ready, bring them down and the many extra gifts! We are glad that you were also able to enjoy some of God's most beautiful creation in the all the world.

Thanks again for your generous gifts.

Pastor Carlos Rios

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