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Day Three

The Beautiful, Seductive Seven Sisters

The crew was moving slow this morning after last night’s revelry. Today’s blissfully short drive was all off-road through white dunes and occasional patches of smooth multi-colored pebbles. Our goal is Tres Alejandros, a beautiful right point break guarding the entrance to a wineglass-shaped white sandy bay. There are 5 or 6 plywood shacks on the beach that offer some protection from the increasing spring winds. Ranchers rent the shacks to surfers for $5 a night.

Wyatt messing with the donated bikes.

The waves are small, one to two feet, but Mike Sullivan and I are into the water as soon as we stop the truck. The water is nearly as cold as in Santa Cruz and the place looks like Playa Cerritos many hundreds of miles to the South. The big difference is that except for a single rancher’s home, there is no one around. The place is blissfully abandoned. The water feels great. Each of us paddles out in the fading light and catches many small waves.

Extreme Retirement.... Wolfgang and Luber in the middle of nowhere.
For dinner, the team breaks out the small gas grill Jeff Olson put together. The chicken legs we bought earlier at a small market are salted and peppered. Wyatt boils potatoes and slices chayote into cubes before sautéing it in olive oil. We’ve gathered wood for a fire, but it is too green and sends up clouds of acrid smoke. Coupled with the smoke billowing from our grill, the camp resembles an out-of-control tire fire.

Punta Alejandro

The perfect setup at Alejandro's

Miguel, high and tight

Sully sliding in early

Sloppy Joe, doin' what he does best

Olson crusin'

The trip's one casualty

Wyatt with a little style

Brough goes down the line

After last night’s revelries, everyone is exhausted this evening. Shortly after dinner everyone heads to bed.

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I have been reading your blog; it's
terrific! It reads like a novel, and takes me with you on the Baja ride. Thank You so very much for your efforts. I look forward to the next installment.



Even though you are all freaks, I can't stop wishing I was there with you. Remember, no beer drinking.

steve ruppert:


Baja Joes:

Thank You for providing this blog. I am living again thru you all. If it is not a secret where is Punta Alejandro? I have a AAA map but can't find it?
You all are blessed for your good deeds.


Has been an Honor for me and the church all this blessings, I didn`t know all the effort that you had make all this month, I was only a conection to the last point, visiting this page I can see and I want to say in the name of Comunidad Biblica thanks to all of you, God Bless You and I hope when all of you come to Los Cabos please visit us just to say hello, any time, any hour you have a brother in Crist, that you can call.
I saw my pic, now I understand why you recognice me inmediatly jajaja
blessing from los Cabos


So sad I couldnt provide you some contacts in Baja :/ my mates there, never answered. Im glad it went off so well though. So proud to be your nephew, keep up the humanitarian work and of course the wave ridin'

thumbs up!


Baja Joe, take a right at Santa Rosalito off of the highway, go down to the coast, head north for about 40 minutes and you'll find it.

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