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"The Beast" gets new tires!

The Beast has received lots of loving care and many needed upgrades, including a new radiator, newer transmission, major tuneups, etc. It's ready to tackle Baja and get there with plenty of life left. There was one problem.... The rear tires were pretty bad.

When we tell anyone about the Baja3000, their first question is, "how are your tires?" Well, we can now say, thanks to Lloyd's Tires in Santa Cruz, "our tires are great." Larry Johnson, owner or Lloyd's Tires stepped up and replaced two well-worn tires on the back of Team Manresa's 1988 Suburban. He made sure that the car had high quality all-terrain skins, even taking the time to match the white lettering that was on the existing front tires.

Larry Johnson shows Rob the new skins

Lloyd's shop in Santa Cruz

The new rubber

Baja 3000 in the News

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Baja 3000 Route

Route map

The Baja 3000 has just ended. Stat tuned for a trip recap and photos.

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