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Team Burbank

Team LA decided to use Wyatt's old truck and clean up his driveway. Jeff and Wyatt wanted to step away from the Suburban madness and drive what they believe to be a true Baja rig. This 3/4 ton Ford F-250 is tried and true and has already been Baja-proven many times in the past. It's going to be the vehicle that carries Foundation For His Ministry goods to Vincente Guerrero. New tires, a nice CD player, and will soon get tuned up for the trip! Watch out Team Westside and Team Manresa! Team Burbank is ready to rumble.

The Burbank rig.

Olson is already celebrating!olson_wolfe.jpg

Baja 3000 in the News

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Baja 3000 Route

Route map

The Baja 3000 has just ended. Stat tuned for a trip recap and photos.

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