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Team ????

Baja3000 organizer Bob E. stumbles on an opportunity!

toyotas.jpgEric and his twin Toyota SR5s

In addition to all of the toys, clothes and tools, Baja3000 also received some cold hard cash. These generous cash donors left Bob E. with a challenge. Bring down a little dough that the teams could use to nimbly address need, or purchase another vehicle to give away. While looking into what Baja3000 could buy, Bob found Eric's 1991 SR5 Toyota (red) on craigslist and got in touch. When Bob and Eric met and the Baja3000 story was told Eric offered a second SR5 (1992) for an additional 50%! We're now up to six cars and we still have a little cash to spread around! We may need more drivers at this rate.

Both Toyotas are in good shape with minor body blemishes.

THANK YOU for your generosity Eric.

Tomorrow, Bob and Mike will head to San Diego to explore the ins and outs of transferring the car titles from the US to Mexico. Also unidentified is the total cost of doing the transfers. There will be taxes, licensing/document fees, the transfer broker cost and who knows what else. We're hoping things go smoothly, worst case, we can sell one of the vehicles to cover any excessive charges.

Check back Friday or this weekend for an update on Mike and Bob's visit to San Diego and to ffhm.org, the donation center in San Clemente where we'll load up more donations for the San Vincente Orphanage on the first leg of the adventure.

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The Baja 3000 has just ended. Stat tuned for a trip recap and photos.

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