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Packin' Party

Two rigs are filled to the roofs, Team Manresa & Team El Dorado.


With all the donations we've received I wondered if we could even fit everything in. Bob's house had tons of goodies.... Mostly clothing, but we also have bicycles, arts and craft and school supplies, roller blades, toys, stuffed animals, surfboards and even a windsurf board setup! Since the Sentinel Article tons of folks have been dropping off donations.

Team Westside is well on their way with arts and crafts goodies and more gear to grab in southern California. Rumor has it, Team SV/Burbank has locked down a Ford F150 (Wy's old truck, details forthcoming). The plan is to load this rig in San Clemente on the way down.

Thanks to: Rob, Danny N., Randy, Mike B., Mike S., Bobbie, Marilyn and Shari!

Major kudos to Jeff/Scarborough for the containers

SPECIAL THANKS to: SHARI & MARILYN the Uber Packers, without your help we would have been sitting with a blank stare saying "Where do we start?" !!!!

Everyone pitched in to organize and pack the donations, powered by Marilyn's bagels and coffee.



Team Eldorado's rig packed up, complete with Starsky & Hutch leather jackets on the front seats.

Team Manresa packed up, racks are pending, we'll load boards, bikes and windsurf gear on the roof! Where are we going to sleep!

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