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The Latest: Team Manresa

Update: January 15, 2008

Bo Stout of Kennedy Auto came through as promised. Bob Ellenwood and I ran down to Stockton last Friday and picked up the Manresa Suburban's replacement tranny, no charge! Thank you Bo. Juan Villaron of Graniterock has offered to put in the tranny, again at NO charge. Juan has already tuned-up the Team Manresa Suburban! I'm stunned at the way people are giving their time, talents and even products for the trip. Many folks can't make the journey but have the fever and have risen to support us and those we'll meet in March. The boys and I really appreciate it and we will honor these efforts. 100% of the money, donated products will go directly to people in need down in Baja. There is no overhead, just a vision to help some folks out.

We've already received over $5,500 in cash along with GOBS of clothing, toys and misc. goods. If you want to help out too, email Bob.

Recently, we've been talking to Foundation for His Ministry (FFHM.org) about assisting us with crossing the border with donations as well as transporting some of their goods down to a facility in northern Baja. FFHM runs a few different programs in Mexico and they focus on orphans and occupational training.... Additionally, Mike did a scouting trip to Todos Santos and visited with some of the sites we had already identified as high need recipients. We should hear more on that soon...

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