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Team Ellenwood & Brough

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Back Up and Running!
Juan Villaron has stoked out Team Manresa installing the transmission donated by Kennedy Auto and Bo Stout. Spending hours of his weekend time in the dirt and auto-muck, Juan took the failed 700 Chevy tranny out and installed the donated tranny. THANK YOU JUAN for your time and talent! We appreciate it and the Morales family of Cabo San Lucas will thank you on March 15!!!!

Thank you!
Bo Stout of Kennedy Auto in Stockton has gone above and beyond. I spoke with Bo today, November 6, he's pulled a tranny for Team Manresa from his yard. When I inquired as to the cost, his reply was, "it's a donation for the cause, you're doing a good thing". THANK YOU BO! We appreciate it, and we'll chronicle your gift when we arrive. You should consider joining us as you probably have a few rigs at your disposal!!!!

News flash!!!
Our transmission has gone out. While driving from Scotts Valley back to La Selva, the Beast blew the tranny. We're talking with old friend Bo Stout of Kennedy Auto in Stockton about a used transmission. With some luck, we'll be good to go in a few weeks. Custom racks are on the horizon... The moral of the story is to get your rig and test it out. You don't want the tranny going out in the middle of Baja!

Fear This!

Team Manresa, Bob Ellenwood and Rob Brough, have drawn first blood and done the unthinkable. The 1988 Suburban Cheyenne, ambulance-doored monster has been acquired.

Purchase price: $1,175
Parts: $300
Tax, license and registration: $500
Insurance: $TBD
New Transmission: $???
Remaining budget: aprox $1,000

We've already loaded the back with coolers, spare parts, a winch, huge tent, first aid kits and supplies, etc. Bob installed a CB base station!

Our future plans include a massive rack on the roof, two new tires for backup, a collapsable sleeping system in the rear, megaphone, fridge, massager, etc.

So.... Does anyone else have their rig yet??

If you have pics or description, email it to me.


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