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Donation Needs

The following help is needed for the teams of Baja 3000.
Teams are located in - Santa Cruz, CA, Burbank, CA, Bremerton, Oregon, Cary, North Carolina, El Dorado Hills, CA

Vehicle Needs: Service, Tires, Tow Ropes, Road Safety Gear
Financial Needs: Any type of financial assistance would be a HUGE help! (We can be more flexible, purchasing in Mexico for specific needs and avoiding import taxes on physical items)
Children’s Needs: Clothing, Shoes, Books (in Spanish), Sleeping Bags
Adult Needs: Clothing, Shoes, Books (In Spanish), Sleeping Bags, Hand Tools
Medical Needs: First Aid Kits (Small kits for each family), Animal Aid
Sport Needs: Surf Boards, Soccer Balls, Boogie Boards
Tech Needs: GPS, MiniDV Camera's/tapes, Satellite Cell Phones

Baja 3000 in the News

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Baja 3000 Route

Route map

The Baja 3000 has just ended. Stat tuned for a trip recap and photos.

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