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September 13, 2007

TGT Galapagos Trailer

Premiere screening (director's cut) South Lake Tahoe, September 15, 2007.

September 18, 2007

Baja 3000, Fifth Installment

The Inaugural TGT Golf Tourney Huge Success!

Big shout out to Danny Miller for launching the first TGT Golf Tournament, a smashing success!

...And to Robby B. for hosting the crew at his sassy S. Lake Tahoe digs!

The crew did some major damage to the wildlife by leaving no less than 40 golf balls somewhere in the Nevada desert! The team of Zuc, Brozda and Brough took honors with the lowest score of 6 over, while Wolfe, Ellenwood and Neumann shot a stunning 10 over.

The scramble round was played at Silver Oak Golf Course in Carson City, NV. and proved to be quite challenging for the whole group...especially around the 14th hole (where the six packs disappeared).mike_outhouse.jpggolfinboys.jpg

From there it was off to the 19th hole where Danny M. was the impeccable host, it felt like being on the set of Cheers! It was really great meeting Mo, Valerie and the rest of the awesome crew at Mo & Sluggo's Bar & Grill (Miller, would you build this guy a website!), certainly worth revisiting!!! Incredible food, outstanding service and a funky-groov'n vibe like no other! Thanks gang!!!!sluggonmoe.jpgmonsluggos.jpg

The trip planning was minimal, however, Joey sported his new Baja-3000 rig, a 1991 3/4 ton Suburban...blue on blue...hands down the best ride so far! Yes, Joe did lock his keys in the car, a mere 10 hours after he had purchased it.unlock.jpg

Items we are waiting on: Carlos and Sandy's information about the church and those who will be receiving the gifts. Once we have that information we can begin the paperwork for transferring the vehicles. Also, we have gained a lot of interest from those who would like to help out in some way or another, so we will be developing a "needs" section on the site.

Mike and Penny will be heading down to Cabo in November and will be in contact with several organizations and identify actual needs, from there we can develop a plan-of-action for obtaining our goals.

Some of you have mentioned purchasing your own video cameras for the trip, which would be great! If you could stay with "Mini-DV" format that would be best for matching quality of the film!

TGT Galapagos Update: Premiere "Directors Cut" was shown to the crew with great excitement! TGT Galapagos has also been submitted to the Santa Barbara Oceanic Film Festival. If chosen, I will let everyone know the dates for those who would like to attend!

Check back often and spread the word about the site!!!!


September 29, 2007

Help Team TGT Reach Their Goal

At this time, TGT's goal is to gather as many needed supplies as physically possible. We are taking down 5 Suburban type vehicles (With racks on top of most). We are developing a needs page and a priority list of request which will be updated frequently. Other ways to give include assisting in vehicle repair and preparation (Parts & Service), medical supplies (First Aid Kits etc) and cash (this will allow us to purchase goods prior to arrival of each village and to avoid being taxed on physical property when entering Mexico). Please email Bob for more information on how you can help, or you can make a PayPal donation now.

Donation Needs

The following help is needed for the teams of Baja 3000.
Teams are located in - Santa Cruz, CA, Burbank, CA, Bremerton, Oregon, Cary, North Carolina, El Dorado Hills, CA

Vehicle Needs: Service, Tires, Tow Ropes, Road Safety Gear
Financial Needs: Any type of financial assistance would be a HUGE help! (We can be more flexible, purchasing in Mexico for specific needs and avoiding import taxes on physical items)
Children’s Needs: Clothing, Shoes, Books (in Spanish), Sleeping Bags
Adult Needs: Clothing, Shoes, Books (In Spanish), Sleeping Bags, Hand Tools
Medical Needs: First Aid Kits (Small kits for each family), Animal Aid
Sport Needs: Surf Boards, Soccer Balls, Boogie Boards
Tech Needs: GPS, MiniDV Camera's/tapes, Satellite Cell Phones

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The Baja 3000 has just ended. Stat tuned for a trip recap and photos.

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