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Baja 3000, Third Installment

Welcome to the Third Installment of TGT 2008, the saga!

So now that the cat has been let out of the bag (and this sucker is freaking out!!!), it’s time to bring everyone up to speed!

There are some details we are working out with regards to bringing a vehicle over the border and leaving it in Mex., just a little speed bump, but we are confident it is a non-issue deal!


Team Manresa (Rob n Bob) have purchased the “the Baja Super Burb” a stripped 1988 Suburban!

The rig cost $1,175.00 (repair parts have added another $275.00 but not deducted from budget, see below for explanation), current trick-out plans are: Installing a free CB radio with whip, building and installing a free gear rack on top (See sample donation letter attached), installing a sleeper area in back (Plywood & Futon), free used off road mud tires, winch ($27 ebay), tow hooks, rack mount jerry cans (4ea, one for water) and other goodies to be disclosed at a later date!

Here is a brief summary reminder on what to look for when scouting for your vehicle!

Roomy, 4-6 seater, sleeping rig, easy engine to work on, able to buy parts in Mex., 4x4 and mechanically sound, something you would be proud of for your donation!


So far, the teams that have hooked up are as follows:

Rob B. & Bob E. – Team Manresa

Wyatt W. & Jeff O. – Team?

Joe Z. & Randy L. – Team?

Team members still available for hook up: (or, BYOB - bring your own buddy)

Danny N. (North Carolina, The Chick Magnet)

Mike B. (Santa Cruz, Jack of all Trades)

Jeff A. (Washington, The Fish)

Ed K. (Santa Cruz, The Seasoned Baja Veteran “TGT Newbie”)

Wild Cards:

Scott G. (Santa Barbara, The Shooter)

Ian M. (Santa Cruz, The Kandeman)

Keith J. (Paso Robles, Demolition Man)

Mark C. (Santa Cruz, Mr. Flip-flop)

Jerry D. (Santa Barbara, Rico Suave)

Danny M. (Reno, NV, The Jester)

Mark N. (Bay Area, The Brewman)

Eric N. (North Carolina, The Padre)

Steve R. (Santa Cruz, The Negotiator)

Jeff G. (La Selva Beach, The Rocker)

Please let me know ASAP when teams have been developed, it will take some time to get ready so the sooner your teams are hooked up the better!

Now its time to clear up a few questions about the budget, rules and point system. Below are some items you will be scored on and some items you can add (above your allotted $1500.00, if you would like) without getting dinged!

Budget does not include: Your gear, bedding, coolers, spare equipment, method of communication (CB’s, cell phones), GPS, whatever mechanical work needed to make the car drivable/safe or just to trick it out!

CONTEST - Teams of two must purchase and drive a vehicle, of their choice, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, filming and recording their journey along the way. Each team will be given a camera, film, a journal and a list of accomplishments they must complete prior to arriving at the given destination.

Each team can only spend a total amount of $3,000.00 ($1,500.00 each team member), this would include: The South bound vehicle/insurance, food, gas, hotel, toll roads, required activities (including required surf spots along the way), shared cost of the final destination and the plane trip back (include board bag fees…if applicable, extra baggage fee for HM Case).

RULES: To make this interesting, a point system has been developed for all aspects of this adventure, the team with the most points WINS! Each team will start at the departure point of their choice (distance is part of the point system). Teams must obey the law….NO SPEEDING…There will be plenty of time to reach each of the destinations, relax and surf!

Starting time: No earlier than 12:01 a.m. 3/22/08 (Tentative date, arrival time not counted into point system).

Team must take photo standing next to vehicle prior to departure and at the end of journey.

Team must take photo of odometer prior to departure

Vehicles must seat at least 4 (in case another team needs to abandon a dead vehicle).

Team must keep all receipts (copies OK) and turn in at final destination.

Team must film and journal every stop or interesting sights along the way.

Proof of required activities must be documented by photo, film, journal and required trinket purchase.


Most traveled distance 10 points per mile
Surf two California spots 500 points
If spot is Malibu (L.A.), add: 300 points
Purchase a Malibu Surf Shop sticker 100 points
If spot is Windansea (San Diego), add: 300 points
Purchase a Windansea Surf Shop sticker 100 points
Team rescues another team due to vehicle abandonment 100,000 points
If backtracking for rescue 20 points per mile
Key chain from boarder town of your choice 100 points

Surf somewhere before Ensenada 500 points
Purchase a local Surf Shop sticker 100 points
Surf somewhere on the Sea of Cortez 3000 points
Stop at significant cultural sites (Mission’s, etc.) 1000 points
Have car repainted 5000 points
If village children paint vehicle add 5000 points
Team Rescues another team due to vehicle abandonment 75,000 points
If backtracking for rescue 20 points per mile
Purchase a Sombrero, Poncho or Blanket 500 points
Film/pics of any creature/s (for each different species) 100 points
Two donations (One being the vehicle) 200,000 points
Purchase a Coozie in La Paz 1000 points

Cheapest Fuel Bill 5000 points
Most Footage (Film/Stills) 5000 points
Most Recorded Places of Interest (Missions, unusual stuff) 5000 points
Least amount spent 10,000 points

If Camera and Journal missing -150,000 points
If Vehicle must be abandoned -300,000 points
Law Enforcement Ticket (Must take pic/film) -20,000 points
Jail Time (Must take pic/film) -100,000 points
Lost Time Injury -20,000 points
(This is just a sample of what the final point system will be. A final system will be announce at a later date)

Points are limited to one per team (Except for Jail Time & Lost Time Injury) and judging the final point standings is solely based on the discretion of Rob & Bob – Team Manresa, (they are not eligible in the standings for winning or losing) scoring to decide how points are tabulated, what is worthy of earning points and who the final winning/losing teams are!

Team with the least amount of earned points (The Loser) must take 5 shots of Tequila and buy a round of beers for the other teams (including the judges) the first day in Cabo San Lucas.

Winning Team will receive the coveted “BAJA 3000” trophy and never have to buy beer the rest of the trip (this cost will be incurred by all the other team members, except for the judges, they are exempt).
(This again is just a sample of the Winning/Losing Package, final package to be released at a later date)

On a serious note: We will be assisting those in need along the way as well as when we reach our final destination. Teams will receive packets on what their donation zones are (different zone/day for each team) prior to departure. Each team will independently identify a charitable opportunity and address needs as they see fit (In Mex.)

Our first checkpoint will be in Mexico (to be announced); all teams must arrive by a specified time. Upon arrival, the 2008 Honored Mate ceremony will commence.

Here is a sample letter you can modify for getting donations for your rig or other items!

Eugene Milburn 6/22/2007
Mercury Metals
169-2 W. Beach St.
Watsonville CA. 95076

RE: Metal Donation

Dear Eugene:

My name is Robert Ellenwood, Lou Urbina said you might be able to assist us with some metal tubing to build a new rack on top of a vehicle we will be donating.

The program we are developing is a mission’s trip to Cabo San Lucas, MX. and we will be delivering clothing, first aid and other supplies to needy families in that location.

On top of the supplies, we will be donating the vehicles to those families the church has chosen.

The church we are working with is:

Carlos and Sandy
Apartado Postal 82
Cabo San Lucas, BCS
Mexico, CP 23451
Telephone: 011-52-624-***-**** (Been remove for blog, let me know if you need the number)
Vonage: (908) 212-**** (This is a NJ number that reaches us in Mexico)
Skype: CarlosSandyRios

Here is an excerpt from a current email.

“We have another family in mind that has a very low income and needs vehicle badly. As well our church will be entering a construction program soon and we thought it would be very helpful for the church to own a truck to carry supplies as well as tables and chairs for events when needed. There are a number of people in our church who could use vehicles, so we will continue to pray about this.”

Thanks for your generosity.

Carlos and Sandy

We appreciate any help with this project and look forward in assisting these families.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me at ***-***-****

Thank you for everything!


Robert Ellenwood

Nice links to help in planning your drive!






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