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Baja 3000, Second Installment

Welcome to the second installment of TGT 2008, the saga!

We last left off praising our original honored mate, Danny Nuemann (H.M. Ixtapa) and a brief summary of the incredible legacy that has been placed forth by decades of TGT brethren's.

This month I would like to recognize Robert Brough (H.M. North Carolina) & Wyatt Wolfe (H.M. Ecuador) for there tireless efforts, unbelievable vision, continuos trip stoke and main stage entertainment!

But first...I have a confession...

The TGT 2008 has become such a complex monster that I had to...no...needed to bring in a top Master planner to assist me. One who has been there before and with great success!

Therefor it is my honor to allow this master planner to uncork the puzzle!


You are formally invited, indeed challenged; to participate in an undertaking unlike anything you have embarked upon in your life.

It’s true, you are an adventurer, and you have accomplished countless, remarkable acts in the two score plus years on the planet. Your antics are legendary…. but… the tone of your adventures has been pacified in recent years. “More comfort” is the new mantra as finances allow and time is slightly more accessible. A casual 30-minute uncrowded surf… a cold “mitcholada,” an afternoon nap. Whatever you’ve desired. That will change in 8 months from now.

From your home, to Cabo San Lucas and back in 7 days. A total budget of $1,500 (you need to buy a car for the trip from that budget too). Each day will have a destination. Each destination will require approximately 8-12 hours of driving. Each day will include 2-4 activities. Each activity will require balls.

Details forthcoming.
The Honored Mate, North Carolina


This will be a once in a lifetime trip (By the way, I can't believe Bruff held on to this secret for nearly two months)

Gentlemen, welcome to the:

“The Baja 3000”

Back to Our Roots Tour!

Date: March 22st – 30th, 2008 (Tentative)

It is up to each of you to choose a partner and together purchase a vehicle that is road worthy enough to get your butts to the tip of Cabo.

Additional information and rules concerning this trip will be in the next installment. This will be a charity rally in which we will be donating our rigs to a church in Cabo as well as other charitable stops along the way.

As mentioned before you have only $1,500.00 US each to spend ($3,000.00/Team) an this includes your: Rig, Insurance (US & Mex.), Lic., Food, Gas/Toll, Hotel (On the way down, Cabo hotel is taken care of) and misc. required purchases indicated in installment three letter.

About the vehicle

Things to consider:

1. It must seat 4 (In case a teams rig needs to be abandoned)

2. 4 wheel drive is highly suggested due to the required stopping points

3. Simple motors (easy to fix)

4. Something you can sleep in (save dinero)

5. Price range should be around $1100 - $1500 (You can spend more but that dips into you other funds)

6. Fuel budget approx. $450 - $600

Well, I think thats enough to chew on for a while, get with your partner and develop a strategy


Oh, I forgot to mention, this adventure will be made into a full feature film which will be submitted to all the 09' film festivals

...next installment, July 1, 2007

Baja 3000 in the News

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Baja 3000 Route

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The Baja 3000 has just ended. Stat tuned for a trip recap and photos.

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